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The most popular sport in the world.
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The Business of Football Today

Football has long been the national sport of many European, South American, and African countries and with the North American and Asian (specifically China) markets quickly emerging, football now reaches every corner of the globe.


2.5 billion watch Football
Ask anyone to name a sport and chances are they would say football. It’s a universally known term and according to a recent study, 2.5 billion people in the world watch football games regularly. In addition to this, the potential audience is even bigger, with 3.4 billion watching the broadcast of the 2018 Russian World Cup.

Clearly, the enjoyment of football games is unparalleled and with such a huge fan base, mostly ‘attending’ football games online or on television, naturally it generates enormous amounts of money.

Global Audience

FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) estimates that in the early 2,000s an estimated 4% (250 million people) of the world’s population played football games regularly.
The in-person attendance is equally impressive, with a combined yearly in-person attendance of the top 5 leagues combined (England, Germany, Italy, Spain, China) of 54.4 million, according to the official data released by the respective associations.

China already has a large football fan base, despite the fact that football is not the most popular sport in the country. According to Nielsen’s three years of research, 31% of the Chinese urban population aged from 16-59 years old are interested in football (Nielsen, 2016). The popularity of football has grown steadily during the three years of studies conducted by Nielsen studies, which may come from the fact that the Chinese government and the CFA have put a lot of effort into developing this sport in China.


A galaxy of million dollar businesses, billionaires and mere millionaires.

Many of the richest people in the world operate in the market - Sheik Mansour, owner of Manchester City has a net worth of $3.3 billion, the Red Bull tycoon Dietrich Mateschitz worth over $2.4 billion owns RB Salzburg and RB Leipzig. Juventus owner Andrea Agnelli of the Fiat car family is worth over $2.5 billion. Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea, is worth over $12 billion. It goes to show why so many invest in what is effectively a safe and growing opportunity.

Football has been one of the few industries that has actually benefited from the shutdown.

At least at the top level. After all of the uncertainty surrounding the economy and businesses this year, the huge influx of TV subscriptions and premium purchases to watch live football games has meant the figures have skyrocketed, with Sky Sports in England broadcasting its most viewed football game ever, back in June.

What about in a normal climate before the pandemic? Quite frankly, the figures speak for themselves. In Europe, across the 2019/20 season, over 120 million fans went to stadiums across the continent, with a further 600 million watching football live from home. Over the past 5 years, this has led to an average total revenue of $27.5 billion, spread across football clubs, broadcasters and advertisers who reap the rewards of this highly profitable business landscape.

Football clubs are now amongst the richest enterprises in the world


Above: Real Madrid - The most valuable football team.

The European market alone was worth around $33 billion in 2018.
Companies pay eye-watering amounts of money to have their name associated with the game of football, with Chevrolet paying Manchester United $83 million a year and Fly Emirates paying Real Madrid $82 million a year for shirt sponsorships, as a prime example.
The sponsorships pump even more money into football and according to Forbes, 7 of the 50 most valuable sports teams in 2020 are football clubs.

Most Expensive Transfers
The world record football transfer fee has been broken 4 times in the last 11 years and shows no signs of slowing down, the table below shows the 5 most expensive transfers of all time.
FC Paris Saint-Germain | Neymar €220 millionFC Paris Saint-Germain | Kylian Mbappe €145 millionFC Barcelona | Philippe Coutinho €145 millionFC Barcelona | Ousmane Dembélé €130 millionAtletico Madrid | Joao Felix €126 million
See the full list here

This all translates to a huge chunk of the global sports industry being made up by football

e-Sports FIFA

Recent years have seen the explosion of popularity of eSports and front and centre of that is the FIFA game series which, as of 2019, had sold 282.4 million copies. The huge rise in competitive gaming culminated in the 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup having a total prize fund of $500,000.

China - a huge emerging market for Football

China has a population of 1.4 billion people and the President Xi Jinping has expressed a goal of having a sports industry worth over $800 billion by 2025, with a major focus on its football league, the ‘Chinese Super League’. This makes China a very lucrative emerging market and showcases the industry is growing rapidly, creating an enormous new multi-billion dollar market. With increasing popularity of the sport, the revenue generated by the football leagues has risen fast with ever-increasing stadium attendance generating big TV and sponsor deals.

Chinese FootballOne of the fastest growing markets in the world.
The most incredible thing about the game is its worldwide influence too. China is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, when it comes to what used to be considered a ‘European-centered’ game, with it now being enjoyed by millions across the country. The broadcasting rights in China for the top level of English football are valued at $700 million, and rightfully so after an estimated 200 million people cumulatively tuned into European football last season, to enjoy the wonders of the modern game. The sport itself is growing exponentially in the country as well, and the Chinese Super League is constantly attracting some big-name players from across the globe, such as Hulk, Oscar and Paulinho, amongst many who have made the lucrative switch. The highest-valued player, Oscar, now reportedly is worth over $25 million, a record high for the country, and this will undoubtedly increase as the popularity of the sport continues to rise in the spectacular fashion in which it has already done.

The TV rights growth over the last four years has been about 400% and is expected to soar by another 500% in the upcoming 6 years. The Chinese Super League (CSL) has the highest attendance in Asia.
Huge Chinese companies like Alibaba and Dalian Wanda are already investors in Chinese football which is often used as a marketing tool as the clubs hold powers over their fans and also create a certain image which can attract many potential customers for the businesses that are investing in the football clubs.

In 2017, the main Chinese team acquired major foreign stars from Europe and South America, with contracts reported to be as much as $40 million per year, the highest paid figure for any football player in the world. According to reports, a Chinese club offered Ronaldo $105 million per year, but he declined.
The Chinese Super League is due to pay RMB15m ($2.1m/€1.9m) to each of its clubs as part of the revenue distribution for the 2019 season, with a further amount to be paid when the league collects fees owed by commercial partners. Each of the 16 teams in the football league is due RMB65m ($9.2m/€8.4m) overall from 2019.

American Football

NFL – America’s most loved sport and the highest paid advertising space in US television.

Football is seen by most as the game in which 11 players from each team attempt to score into each other’s goal within 90 minutes, and that is certainly one of the definitions of the word. But what is so incredible is that there is a whole other group of people to be tapped into - and that’s the biggest of them all. The United States of America is renowned for American Football, being its namesake, and the figures it puts out are arguably even more impressive, considering it is mostly played in just one nation. $15 billion is now injected into American football every year, and this is pumped around the body of it through the bloodstream that is advertising.

Commercials in Super Bowl - a 30 second commercial costs over $5 million.
The world famous ‘Halftime Show’ during the Super Bowl is such an incredibly lucrative opportunity for companies to showcase their products and services, that a 30 second advert now costs over $5 million. Clearly, this is an area of interest. The business model in which it operates, with ‘franchises’ rather than just clubs, epitomizes the financial gain that can be made from the industry. Every single one of the 32 clubs that compete in the NFL are worth at least $2 billion, owing to the level of interest in American football, along with the multitude of ways that people can get involved, whether that be through TV subscriptions, tickets, or even merchandise, which amounted to sales of over $100 million in 2019 alone, along with countless other figures which extrapolate the unprecedented chance of a lifetime to make money in such a simple way.

Below: the most expensive Super Bowl commercials of all time.

NFL Global Audience

‘American’ Football is the second most popular sport in the world, second only to Association Football and by far the most popular sport in the US. Of the top 10 most viewed American TV broadcasts of all time, 9 of them are Super Bowls. The 2020 edition was watched by a total 148.5 million people according to an official press release by Fox Sports.
The yearly in person attendance in the NFL is the highest of any individual league in the world with a total 17.8 million people in attendance throughout the season.
The NFL has made a concerted effort in recent years to expand beyond US shores into Europe, South America, and Asia. There are now 4 annual games in London which attract capacity crowds of 60,000-80,000 as well as 1 annual game in Mexico which attracts a capacity crowd of 77,000.
There are further plans to expand the NFL into Germany and Canada, whilst also targeting the huge emerging sports market in China.


The NFL market is estimated to be worth $9 billion per year with College football worth an additional $6 billion.
The NFL makes a huge amount of money from TV deals, having deals with 4 different providers in the US alone totalling around $6.5 million per year.
This all results in a stunning 27 out of the NFL’s 32 franchises among the top 50 most valuable sports teams.


Top 5 NFL Teams:

Dallas Cowboys $5.5 billion
New England Patriots $4.1 billion
New York Giants $3.9 billion
LA Rams $3.8 billion
San Fransico 49ers $3.5 billion

See the full list here

Fantasy Football (NFL)

Fantasy football is almost as big as the game itself, with game commentators and announcers regularly referring to it, even as the games are going on. Around 60 million people in North America play fantasy sports and on average, spend $500 on league entry fees and other related costs.


Concluding Remarks

The amounts of money in both American Football and Association Football are sometimes hard to comprehend. The popularity of both sports is huge and still rising, showing no sign of slowing down. If you ask anyone to name any sport, they will almost certainly say football and for one simple reason - no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you believe, football is a globally uniting phenomenon. Not to mention the money involved. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity!

Domain sale price: Footballgame.com is priced at $1.8 million and
Futbol.com is also priced at $1.8 million.

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